Mission Statement

The GIG (Kit Worthington Foundation for the Arts) is a non-profit foundation created to help students aspire to their dreams through education, inspiration, and opportunity. We will help in strengthening and connecting the local community to the arts through events, programs, and scholarships. We will help financially assist budding enthusiasts to advance in their artistic endeavors.

Some of the groups the who received funds were:

  • MDHS Drama and Visual Arts
  • Heartland High School
  • Meadows Valley School
  • Cascade School Arts & Drama
  • Payette Lakes Middle School
  • Alpine Playhouse
  • Seven Devils Playwright Festival
  • Horizons

April 2008 through January 2018: The GIG has given out Scholarships and Grants of over $86,000. Just some of the schools and organizations that benefit are (Adams and Valley County Schools, Organizations such as Seven Devil’s ID Theatre, Playwrights, McCall Donnelly School District for musical instruments, McCall Public Library for Film Grants and Artist Participation Events).

The GIG also give out scholarships to individuals for music lessons, including voice lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons and more. Also, the McCall Donnelly high school student’s participation in NAFME All-National Choir and HOSA National Leadership Conference at the Grand Ole Opry Music event.

Donation History

2019 year to date is $2,240 ($600 to individuals, $1,640 to organizations)

2018: $5,615.24 in scholarships and grants were given out to students in the 2018 year. ($4,210.24 to organizations such as schools and music/art programs, and $1,405 to individuals who made requests for scholarship funds through written letter or our website).

2017 was $4,938.00 ($2,030 to individuals, $2,908 to organizations)

Past Donations

1/1/16 TO 12/31/16 is $6,115.00

January 2015 through December 2015, Total Scholarships and Grants of over $7,354 were given out.

January 2014 through December 2014, Total Scholarships and Grants of $6,025 were given out.

January 2013 to December 2013: Total Scholarships and Grants of $5,073 have been given out.

January 2012 through December 2012: Total Scholarships and Grants of $4,885.00 were given out.

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